Adirondacks to Greens

The Green Mountains to Adirondacks linkage area consists of a mosaic of 689 square miles of forested ridges, farms, towns and small cities, wetlands, river valleys, and lakes of all sizes. In addition to its high quality natural habitats, its spectrum of human communities span from Vermont’s second largest city (Rutland) to the tourist destination of Lake George, NY, with a myriad of small, rural towns that dot the landscape in between.

This area is a “linkage” because of the character of the landscape—it is the most heavily forested part of the valley that separates the Green Mountains from the Adirondacks. North of Orwell, VT, Lake Champlain dramatically broadens, and agricultural land use predominates, while south of Fort Ann, NY, development becomes more intensive, and agriculture becomes much more prevalent.  As such, it is crucial that the needs of both wildlife and human communities are met in this area.