Green Mountains to Hudson Linkage; A Corridor for Wildlife and People.Green Mountains to Hudson Highlands; A Corridor for Wildlife and People.

Green Mountains to Hudson Highlands

The Greens to Hudson linkage (also known as the Berkshire Wildlife Linkage) covers roughly 2.4 million acres of western Massachusetts, southern Vermont, eastern New York, and northern Connecticut, connecting the southern Green Mountains in Vermont to the Hudson Highlands in New York.  Efforts to maintain and restore connectivity within the Berkshire Wildlife Linkage focus on a 742,000 acre north-south structural pathway through the middle of the linkage that currently allows movement of a range of native species, including otter, porcupine, foxes, and larger mammals such as bear and bobcat.

This structural pathway is the part of the connection between the Northern and Central Appalachians, and is predominantly forested land.  The two largest obstacles bisecting the pathway are I-90 and Route 2, and associated development.  Communities and groups in the Greens to Hudson linkage have a successful history of land conservation and responsible land stewardship, and are working to ensure wildlife can cross the two major highways that bisect the corridor and to create a continuous path of connected land from the northern to southern border of Massachusetts. See the Linkage Map and a recent summary of this work – Green Mountains to Hudson Linkage; A Corridor for Wildlife and People.