Northern Greens to Canada

The Northern Green Mountains may be among the wildest, yet least protected landscape in the Northern Appalachian/Acadia region. Ranging from Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s highest peak, in the south to Mount Orford, Québec, in the north, these mountains and their slopes are remarkably diverse, containing all the major ecosystem types of the Northern Appalachians.

The Northern Green Mountain linkage area encompasses 722,183 acres (2,923 km2) and is centered on the spine of the Green Mountains. Most of the linkage area is forested, with agriculture and small towns and villages in the many valleys that bisect the mountain spine. Most roads are secondary one or two-lane gravel or asphalt, though Interstate 89 forms the southern border of the linkage and Autoroute 10 effectively bisects the Québec portion of the linkage. The economy of the region is dominated by wood products, agriculture and tourism, and includes several large ski areas, such as Jay Peak, and Stowe in Vermont and Mounts Sutton and Orford in Québec.