Taconics to Green Mountains

The Southern Green Mountains to Taconic Mountains linkage area covers nearly 70,000 acres in the Vermont towns of Mount Tabor, Dorset, Manchester, Arlington, Sunderland, and Shaftsbury and connects some 500,000 acres of core forest in the Taconics to the west and the Green Mountains to the east.

The linkage area is primarily considered to be the valley of Vermont biophysical region, a narrow valley of climate, bedrock and landforms that differs from the mountains on either side. This area has seen significant sprawl development in recent years and the forested connections from one range to the next are narrow and threatened. The Battenkill River and the upper portion of Otter Creek are prominent natural features that bring this area together and set it apart from the rugged uplands, with the mix of developed, agricultural, and forested land cover that form a patchwork mosaic along their lengths.