SCI Measures Framework

The Measures Framework is a system for measuring the status of landscape connectivity in eight landscape linkage areas across the Northern Appalachian – Acadian region.  These linkages were identified by the Staying Connected Initiative (SCI) as part of its mission to protect and maintain landscape connectivity across the Northern Appalachians for the benefit of wide‐ranging, forest dwelling wildlife such as bear, moose, lynx, marten and bobcat.


The framework provides a compact set of relatively simple, inexpensive, and repeatable GIS-based status measures, as well as an initial snapshot of the status of structural connectivity (with baseline numbers and maps), for each linkage area and the important pathways – fine-scale landscape connections – they contain.  It is a living document; as our understanding of wildlife movements and habitat connectivity in this region improves and better and more detailed information becomes available, this framework should evolve.

Download the Measures Framework:

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