Road Maintenance and Planning for Terrestrial Connectivity

TNC-Adirondacks staff developed a brief overview of best practices for addressing terrestrial connectivity based on literature reviews, interviews with local experts, and field experience by TNC staff and to provide an indexed spreadsheet of publications and articles for conservation and transportation planners.

Bobcat photographed with remote camera. Photo credit: The Nature Conservancy.

Road Maintenance and Planning for Terrestrial Connectivity is focused on work underway or completed in the Northern Appalachian ecoregion, and give partners local examples of connectivity solutions. National and international research is included where relevant to ensure that a full range of options is available to conservation planners.

In keeping with Staying Connected Initiative priorities, this report largely emphasizes connectivity for wide ranging species. Opportunities to incorporate connectivity for other species or ecological processes are noted when feasible. The process of incorporating connectivity objectives into road maintenance and upgrade planning is highlighted with examples of best practices.